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Compliance with the requirements can be problematic, TÜV InterCert is able to act as the Competent Person, giving impartial advice as to how it might best comply with the specifications and carry out any technical inspections or assessments and issue the RETIE Certificates of Conformity in accordance with the regulations.

TÜV InterCert already works with both small domestic manufacturing companies exporting spare parts and individual pieces of equipment, and large corporations responsible for the engineering, construction and operation of entire refineries and industrial facilities

COLOMBIATechnical Regulation RETIE

The Colombian MINISTERO DE MINAS Y ENERGIA – Act No. 181294 from 6 August 2008 requires assemblies having electrical components and products used in electrical installations to be certified by a SIC accredited body in according to RETIE.

The General Annex of the Technical Regulation for Electrical installations RETIE defines for what electrical products is required a Product Conformity Certificate

indicating that the product will perform as designed and, if the equipment is to be installed in a classified area, the certificate must also clearly state that the product is rated for, and complies with, such requirement.

  • However, there are some criteria with regard to whether an electrical component is subjected to the RETIE-assessment or not.
  • These relate to the giving rise of danger.
  • The following are examples of where the RETIE regulation would apply:
    • Motors (hydraulic power unit, main pumps)
    • PLC cabinets
    • Operator control panels
    • Emergence Operation Unit

The General Annex of the Technical Regulation for Electrical installations RETIE gives in Chapter II, Article 17 the general requirements on the electrical equipment.

As accredited Body for conformity assessment and certification of electrical equipment in accordance with the RETIE Regulation, CIDET will review and examine the produced technical dossier regarding safety as well as operation.

Working directly with the accredited body CIDET, TÜV InterCert is able to provide a comprehensible array of services designed to make the RETIE Certification Process as effortless as possible for you, using for instance the framework of the conformity assessment in accordance with the European Directives: Low Voltage, EMC, Machinery, ATEX

In order to respect RETIE requirements CIDET selects the following standards:

Selected productsSelected standards
Low-voltage switchgear assembliesIEC 60439-3
Panelboards in acc. with the NEC, NFPA 70UL 67
Industrial control panels in acc. with the NEC, ANSI/NFPA 70UL 508
Norma Tècnica Colombiana para Tableros eléctricosNTC 3475
Normas Tecnicas Colombianas paraNTC 3278
Paneles de maniobra y controlNTC 2050