Rome, 31 October 2018 – The “Innovation System” Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Guglielmo Marconi University (USGM) and MTIC Group, which provides both for the structuring and implementation of projects and initiatives relating to the geography of innovation, technology transfer and management systems for innovation that will increasingly characterize the new organizational models of companies.

The collaboration provides the meeting point between the university’s strategy, which has long been challenged by the digital revolution through a continuous search for methodological solutions and training models more in accordance with the demands of the world of work, and the experience of MTIC Group, which is an expert organization in supporting companies on the issues of innovation, new professions and certifications of system and competences.

Specifically, the activities will focus on:

  • The definition of knowledge, skills and professional abilities involved in innovative production and organisational processes such as the Innovation System Auditor, Innovation System Professional, Innovation System Manager
  • Organising seminars to spread the culture of innovation, management systems and smart manufacturing, with a particular focus on aspects related to: Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer, International Standards on Innovation Management Systems and Professional People
  • Organization of E-Learning and/or face-to-face courses on innovation and its impact on businesses, management systems and smart manufacturing


It is essential for companies – states Oliviero Casale, Marketing and Training Manager of MTIC Group – the knowledge and application of the standards for certification systems, inspection and testing will allow, where properly implemented, to increase credibility, competitiveness and turnover in a perspective of sustainability and economic circle. Furthermore, it is equally important for business actors to reduce risks and take the opportunity provided by the Fourth Industrial Revolution to identify the new skills needed for the re-skilling of workers and the introduction of new UP skills to assist in the implementation of new organizational models. From this perspective, the collaboration between UNIMARCONI and MTIC Group was born, which has the concept of “human capital” at its very core and will be fundamental for assisting professionals, businesspeople, companies and public administrations.

The necessity of training professional people in the field of innovation management – states Arturo Lavalle, R&D Area Manager at USGM – is now essential to accompany and foster the cultural, rather than technological, change to which companies are entitled. Besides, we can’t talk about Industry or Industry 4.0 if we don’t start from the human resources. In the interconnected world that defines our era, human resources need to be enhanced by continuous training and the certification of competences that is academic and professional at the same time, in order to ensure the free circulation of employees both nationally and internationally.

The complementarity between USGM and MTIC Group therefore focuses on contributing to improving the competitiveness of companies by relying on people and their abilities to respond to technological acceleration and confrontation on a global level.

About MTIC Group
MTIC Group could be considered as one of the few Global Players in “Management Systems, Testing, Inspection and Certification” fields thanks to the strong collaboration between the Certification Bodies MTIC InterCert S.r.l., TÜV InterCert GmbH and SPS Cert S.A., thanks to their own accreditations and notifications, at national and international levels. MTIC Group is also specialized in certification and training activities, business promotion and technical assistance aimed at consolidating and creating value throughout the production chain in business organizations. MTIC Group provides support to companies in the areas of innovation and new professions.

About Università Guglielmo Marconi
Guglielmo Marconi University is the first “open” university founded in Italy and the only national university to have been accredited in the United States. Through the constant search for innovative teaching solutions and compliance with high quality standards in the production and delivery of its courses, the USGM now has more than 16,000 registered students. Always characterized by a strong international vocation, the university coordinates the Association GUIDE – Global Education in Distance Education, a network of 160 universities and research centers around the world.